The official PoSG FAQ

FAQ for Paths of Savage Gods

This project is maintained by lyniat-games


What exactly is PoSG?

PoSG is a tool for pen and paper RPGS that can procedurally generate and manage DnD5e adventures. It will provide the generation of maps, NPCs, encounters, and quests. PoSG is based on DnD5e SRD under OGL.

When do you release Paths of Savage Gods?

We plan to start our Kickstarter campaign of PoSG in February 2021. So keep tuned! We hope that we can release PoSG in June or July 2021.

On which platforms can I use PoSG?

We plan to release the first version as a desktop app on Windows/macOS/Linux (official support only for the latest Ubuntu LTS) and a mobile version for iOS/iPadOS and Android (only smartphones, no tablets).

How can I support the development?

You can support us by leaving your feedback at our Discord or follow our social media. Keep your eyes open for our Kickstarter campaign, which will start in February 2021 - we need every support we can get so that we can work hard and release PoSG as soon as possible!

Where are you from?

We are located in Ratisbona, Bavaria, Germany. The northernmost city of the Danube.

What are the minimum requirements for running PoSG?

We implemented our custom render pipeline to draw the isometric pixel world and it's character at the best possible performance. We're still testing different setups and will publish a more detailed answer before Kickstarter but at the moment, most of the laptops and desktop PCs you can buy for smooth home office should handle it easily. You definetly need no gaming PC!

How can I add custom sprites/images and is it possible to animate them?

The easiest step to do this is by using our partner WorldAnvil and create there custom NPCs with your own sprites. Since animations are pretty cool you can also add GIFs for simple stuff like an idle animation. If you want the real fancy way with different animations for different actions, we will publish our own tool to handle this and import your art into the game. More about this and generally the modding aspect and our partnership with WorldAnvil will be answered here and also announced at our Discord.

Which Engine is used for PoSG?

We use Unity but developed a highly customized custom renderer to handle large tilemaps at it’s best possible performance.

Is your source code available?

We will publish our render engine code under an open source license on GitHub to give something back to the great developer community. The other parts will stay closed source.

Will there be a public or closed alpha/beta testing?

Depending on your Kickstarter tier, you will get closed access to our software very soon to help us find bugs and improve our tool.

How do you want to communicate with the community?

We see it as very important to develop software which does not only satisfy our own vision but also the communities one. Beside regular posts and a newsletter there will be closed alpha / beta testing. Additionally we give our best to answer your questions on our community Discord and depending on your Kickstarter tier you will be invited to regular voice chats with the developers on Discord (english and german only). Also see the question above.